Stop the robber by destroying his vehicle or using your police cruiser to trap him until the BUSTED meter is filled.

Ramming and trying to destroy the robber is not always the best strategy. Maybe try to trap him instead?
Do not ram your own teammates (other cops) while they are blocking the robber's path. Otherwise you might save the robber from being BUSTED.


Find the robber and keep your eyes on him, by doing so other cops will be able to see his location.

Do not ram the robber, dont even try to touch him, it is against the rules!
You can try to block the robber way, but you could end up with dead/failing engine.
So maybe just try to keep safe distance from the robber while still giving vision to other cops.


Attempt to evade the cops until the timer runs out without having your vehicle destroyed.

Choosing the fastest vehicle is not always the smartest thing to do. The cops will always find a way to catch up if you are only going to evade them using speed. Attempt to evade the cops using various maneuvers and turns and avoiding straightaways.

Available Commands/Controls:

Report a player: /report [playerid] [reason]
Send a private message: /pm [playerid] [message]
Clear chat: /clear
Display rules: /rules

Cop Commands:
Send message for cops eyes only: /cops [message]
Respawn: /respawn (You can respawn every 30 seconds)
Flip vehicle: /flip

Audio Commands:
Stop/play audio: /audio [play/stop]
Change audio volume: /audio volume [0-100]

Show Playerlist: Z Toggle Expanded Radar: ~


• Do not use any type of third party cheat programs! It WILL result in a ban!
• Do not ram into a robber that has been trapped by your fellow officers!
• Do not crash into your fellow officers on purpose!
• Do not mic spam or spam the chat!
• Do not speak any language other than English in voice or text chat!
• Report any bugs/glitches in our Discord. Do not attempt to exploit them!
• Do not ram the robber with the helicopter/chopper!
• Do not go on mountains! You WILL be punished!
• Do not camp in places where the cops can not reach!
• Do not start argues/fights with other players!


Best robbers